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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

April 2009- Lake Lanier Fishing Report

April 2009
Water Temperature: 60 degrees
Lake Level: Approx. 1062.93

Stripers: The striper fishing on Lake Lanier has been slower than normal. The biggest reason has been the colder than normal water temperature. However, with the recent sunshine the water temperature is warming fast and the bite should get back to normal. Look for some of the fish to be up the rivers performing the spawning run. The fish do not reproduce in Lanier but they do go through the act. This occurs when the water temperature reaches 65 degrees. Freelines using big gizzard shad will be the ticket for this area of the lake. Using planer boards like the Water Bugzs are also a great tool for getting your baits up close to shore. This way you can fish with four to eight lines. If you find yourself fishing on the south end of the lake be sure to take some redfins. A redfin is a large 7-inch surface plug that v-wakes across the surface. It is some of the most exciting fishing of the year.
Bass: Looks like May is going to be the key month for the spawn on Lanier this year. Most of the bass will spawn around the full moon in May this year. If you just want to catch some fish, pull freelines using herring across main lake points up and down the lakeand you will catch a mixed bag of spotted bass and stripers. If you would like to learn to use artificials to catch the spotted bass be sure to call Lanier Spots Guide Service.
Crappie: The crappie fishing has been better than normal this year. The better fishing has been on the north end of the lake due to the stained water. The number of crappie per acre of water is higher on the north end as well. Every year Thompson Creek, Wahoo Creek, and Yellow Creek do very well. The best jig this year has been a 1/24oz. Yellow/Yellow/White Hal-Fly. A close second has been the 1/32oz. White/Chartreuse popeye jig. The fish have been under the shade of the docks but now that the water temperature is getting into the low 60s, be sure to check any shallow brush. Once you find one there will be more. This is easy fishing and a great way to start the kids out how to learn to fish.

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