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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

August 13, 2012 Lake Lanier Fishing Report

As you can see from the lack of reports the last few months we have been very busy. This Summer the fishing has been off the charts as a whole. As always there has been a tough day here and there but overall fishing has been great. The stripers are still on the south end of the lake for the most part as expected due to the colder deeper water. Most of our fish continue to be caught on downlines 30 to 60 feet deep using live herring. We have been catching a few trolling but it looks like the trolling bite may be already on the down swing. Over the past week we had a good amount of rain as well as some cooler than normal morning making fishing closer to late September than the dog days of Summer. This morning the lake was quite as glass with nobody on the lake. Now that school has started it has been nice. Be sure to check out some of the recent videos we have filmed of customers. Lake Lanier Stripers July 2012 See you on the lake,

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