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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

August Stripers 2016

Lake lanierLanier Stripers: the Striper fishing on Lanier has been red hot. They can be difficult to find at times but overall it is as good as it gets. Several patterns catching the stripers right now.
Overall the down line bite has been the best tactic day in and day out and this will continue into August. The down line consists of a 2 ounce Capt. Mack swivel sinker, a seven foot piece of fifteen pound Trilene 100% Flourocarbon, and a 1/0 Gamakatsu Finesse Wide Gap hook. The best Rod and reel for this is the Shakespeare Striper Rods paired with a Penn Squall 20LC reel spoiled with Trilene Big Game line. This set up has boated thousands of stripers in my boat. On the down line you use a live blueback herring which can be purchased at the local bait shops like Hammonds Fishing and Oakwood Bait and Tackle. Be sure to take their advise on caring for the bluebacks. The bluebacks can be difficult to keep alive in the Summer months.
Now that you have the tackle set up for the stripers, the hard part is finding the schools of stripers. The schools of stripers are fairly large. Many times they will be hiding in the large patches of timber still standing in Lanier. Good electronics like the Humminbird Onix and Helix make all the difference in finding these fish. Once your units are set up properly you should be able to see your bait swimming on the hook 70 feet under the boat.
Concerning artificials, lead core is also catching fish. Lead core is a weighted line that sinks the bucktail jigs down to the deeper water where the stripes are located. Be sure to purchase the right Rod and reel for this method. I prefer a Penn 330 reel paired with a Shakespeare Tiger Lite Rod. The local bait stores will have these set ups. On the end of the lead core you need bucktail jigs. The favorite bucktails being the Spro Prime Bucktail and the Captail Mack Chipmonk Jig. Many times I will tie one of each on the rods. Let the fish tell you which they prefer that day. The color and size of jig also makes a difference. Pick up a few Spro chrome bucktails, a few chartreuse blue Captain Mack Chipmonks and vary the sizes of jigs.
Lastly, the Ben Parker spoon bite has also remained strong. Yes, this spoon is huge and the bites are ferocious. Pay attention or the Striper will rip the Rod out of your hands. This also takes some specialized equipment. The best set up being a Shakespeare Tiger Lite 6’9″ medium heavy Rod paired with a lower gear ratio reel like the Abu Garcia Winch. Due to spoon being so heavy, spool the reel with 20 pound Trilene Big Game. Drop the spoon below the stripers on the electronics and reel it up through the fish. See you on the water,

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