Catching Not Fishing Refund Policy

A full refund is possible for any reason as long as the cancellation is not within 7 days of the trip. If the cancellation is within 7 days the deposit will be kept by Catching Not Fishing Guide Service. The deposit will not go towards another trip. Unfortunately, we have had to go with this policy for numerous reasons. The reasons and exceptions are below. If any questions please email us or call us anytime.

The biggest reason for the 7 day policy is most people have to plan at least seven days ahead of time for a day off from work. If we keep a day tied up until a few days before the trip most people can not get off work. It is very hard for us to book a trip at the last minute. Please remember we only have one customer a day. If we miss that one customer, we never get that day back.

The second reason is a few people rely too heavily on the weather forecast and bail at even a small chance of rain or wind. Some of the best days of the year happen when you least expect it. The 32 pounder below on the left was caught in March on the worst day of the year. Luckily they decided to go. We boated the fish in 30 mph winds and a high of 40 degrees. We also boated several other nice stripers that day.

The third reason is related to the second reason. Weather forecasters are very bad at saying a chance of rain. It is very rare for it to rain all day long in Georgia. Most of the time you can start early or late and work around the rain and never get wet. Most of these rainy days are some of the best fishing of the year due to the low pressure. Stripers love low pressure rainy days most of the time. If we wake up the morning of the trip and it is pouring down rain, we will call each other and reschedule the trip or refund the deposit. We do not want to sit in the rain either. Concerning lighting, Capt. Clay can spot lighting in Alabama. You will not see a Catching Not Fishing boat in lightning.

“The following video below is a perfect example of not canceling a trip until the morning of the trip. The forecast was saying a good chance of rain. The rain showed up mostly south of Atlanta. Not one drop of rain fell on lake Lanier and the guys who canceled missed the best topwater day of the year. Ended up taking my father which turned out being a great memory for us so I can’t complain. Hope to see you soon,” Capt. Clay Cunningham.

In all honesty, we lose very few trips to the rain. We lose one or two trips a year during the winter months due to the rain. All of the rain during the summer months comes in the evening hours after the heat builds all day.
The other concern is cold weather. If you are worried about the cold mornings during the winter months, do not hesitate to book an evening trip. The evenings are just as good or better during the winter months. No need to be out at daylight. Let the sun warm the water temperature.