Catching Not Fishing Testimonials

“Thank you for your business and for taking the time to fill out the form. “ Capt. Clay Cunningham

Lake Lanier – Oct. 10, 2012 Larry Freeman: Thanks for a great day of fishing. Anthony,Doug and I had a wonderful time Clay, you are very professional, patient and kind and really know where the Fish are down to a specific log or tree at 75 ft. We will be back and I wish you and your family well.

Lake Lanier – August 6, 2010 Mike Stephens – Buford, GA Went out with Capt. Larry on 8-6-10 and had a great time! Wanted to learn all i could about striper fishing and Larry taught me more than i could of imagined. I will definitely be a repeat customer come fall/winter when the techniques change to be schooled again. Thanks for the great time and experience.

Lake Lanier – July 29, 2010 – Tre Spears – Gainesville, GA “Just wanted to tell you thanks for a wonderful day on Lanier! My son is still wearing the grin on his face and wanted to know when we were going out with you again. As my son put it, “Dad, Capt. Clay had patience and would answer any question I had. He even let me net the fish.” He’s use to my lack of patience. Even after our time limit you continued without hesitation and produced five more fish. I can’t thank you enough for a great day!! I will be scheduling another trip SOON!!!!”

Lake Lanier April 6, 2010 – Wiley G. “First let me say I found Capt. Clay through the web, and being from out of town I’m always a little skeptical when I don’t have first hand knowledge or a personal reference.  After contacting Capt. Clay I was put at ease with his knowledge of the Lake Lanier fishery and impressed with his ernest desire to provide a superior fishing experience that would meet the needs of the three generations of fishermen, realizing there would be only one experienced angler and two seniors (Mom & Dad) and one first time angler (my six-year-old niece) and pleasantly suprised at the way when two more novice fishermen (my two sisters) signed on he adapted without concern for anything but my family having a great time and a successful trip. He was the consumate fishing guide even though we were his second  group for the day. Capt. Clay stayed upbeat and focused keeping everyone engaged and yet relaxed on a day when the fishing was tough. We were the only boat i saw  hook-up and land fish. Hearing my family recount the details of their fishing trip with each other and their friends was rewarding, and knowing that we are creating memories that will be talked about forever, priceless!  Thanks Capt. Clay, looking forward to our next trip this fall. ”

Lake Lanier October 1, 2009 – Charles Schroeder “I took my grandson on a four hour trip with Clay. Within 20 minutes of leaving the dock we were catching stripers. In fact we caught 10 in the first 30 minutes. But things got even better when Clay relocated to other areas. We finished the day with 27 stripers, the majority in the 12-14 pound range. It was a trip of a lifetime for my 10 year old grandson and a great trip for me as well. This was my second trip with Clay and he works extremely hard to put you on the fish. He offers a great experience at a reasonable price. I plan many more excursions with Captain Clay and I urge you to do likewise—you won`t be disappointed.”

September 9, 2009 – Chuck & Lisa Loyd “It’s not the size of the fish… It’s the size of the grin on my face the whole day… Thanks for a great birthday from an old guy with a lot of days on the lake – but this day was the best… God Bless,

June 18, 2009 – Alexis Neely – California – “We had a great time today with Lanier.  He was so fantastic with my kids!  I would absolutely recommend Catching Not Fishing for anyone coming to fish on Lake Lanier.  I think we caught more than 8 fish.  My kids were psyched!”

June 26, 2008 – Tony Skinner “The last trip out with Clay was probably one of the best fishing trips I’ve had. Clay put us on fish from our first cast to our last. As always it was a pleasure fishing with Capt Clay and I have already recommended him to many of my friends. Thanks again.”

Jan. 5, 2008 – Wayne Wall “Here are the photos of the big fish from today. I can not tell you how much I enjoyed out fishing Brady {7 to 1]. Thanks for all your efforts today, you really know how to fish Stripers.”

March 8, 2008 – Kevin Smith – Buford, GA – ” Clay, Thanks for another great time fishing. I really appreciate you sharing your knowledge and talent with us. See you out there!

March 3, 2008Don Prince – Cumming, GA “I think Clay knows his stripers. I caught a 30-pounder. wow.”

Sept. 17, 2007 – Ray Talley “Captain Clay knows his fishing. We went out on a 5 hour trip and we only got to fish for 1 hour due to weather but in that hour we caught 2 fish and several bites. We are going to reschedule another trip soon and try it again. Thanks again Captain Clay you made our trip exciting and we are hooked.”

Sept. 6, 2007 – Russ Burleson “They just don’t come any nicer or more professional than Clay. He told us what to expect and he delivered. What a great day of fun. I encourage any and all of you to give Clay a call. His “Catching Not Fishing” is more than just a name.

July 19, 2007 – Randy Fitzgerald “Truly one of the best days on the lake I’ve had in a long time. Learned a lot and enjoyed the fact that Clay was hospitable toward sharing his expertise. Can’t forget to mention the fish we caught either. Thanks again Clay!”

 Longoria’s Five Star Fencing  ” Fishing with Clay has been the ultimate fish catching experience… I recommend him to everybody. Once you go, you are hooked and will continue to come back. So hurry up and call him and get on the lake so you can catch one to..”

Richard  “Thanks for the great trip!! Really learned a lot about U-rig and best techniques to make them perform. Bob, John and I had a great time, will have to do it again sometime soon. Also, John enjoyed eating the stripers.”

Jason  “This was the best freshwater experience of my life. We were put directly on the fish and we were popping all day. Clay also went the extra mile to make us feel very comfortable. The ultimate Lanier experience to make you feel home on the water. Oh yeah, boy did we catch some fish!!!”

David  Faircloth” I have been with Clay several times and he is always on the fish. So if your new to the game or even a seasoned pro book a trip with Capt. Clay and you will know what (Fish on!) means.”

Casey  King “Thanks for a great fishing experience. These pictures tell all. Jeff, Joel, and I will have a hard time topping this epic day on the lake!”

Gary  “Clay, we went fishing with one of your guides , Lanier for a full day trip. I have been on three guided outings on Lake Lanier and today was one of the best trips I have been on. Lanier was a great host and worked hard to get us on fish. We all caught fish and even though we were out for striper I would have to say the fish of the day was a 48” gar. It was very exciting catching the gar and even after putting a hole in the net and having to pass the rod and reel through the hole in the net Lanier was able to net it and get it in the boat. We absolutely were “Catching Not Fishing ” today. My hats off to Lanier. We will definitely look you guys up again in the future… ”

Ryan Hartwig”  I have fished with Captain Clay several times, and each time has been
more memorable than the next.  Captain Clay is very knowledgeable,
professional, and yet very personable.  To be honest, I go fishing with Captain
Clay to gain knowledge for future trips and he is always very eager to
help me learn the sport.  I have a long way to go before I can out-fish
him though…Just want to say thanks for everything Clay!

Kevin Collins“A great boat, great gear, and great customer service. As for the fish, fishing after a cold front has settled in has always been a troublesome day to fish for me, but Clay managed to still put us on some good fish. The group of us that went out had a great day of fishing and we know it was great because we were always surrounded by 1/2 dozen boats and we were the only ones pulling in any fish. Thanks for a great time out on the lake.”

Ramiro Longoria“Clay just wanted to say thanks for a great year of fishing. Not only is it for pleasure but we are able to bring some of our business partners and they love it. It also serves as a team building experience. Again thanks for all your efforts and looking forward to another exciting year of fishing.

Chris Mellow” Thank you once again for yet another great trip. I believe this makes 10 so far. I know I speak for both Clint and his father in saying that we all had a great time which was made all the more enjoyable by fishing with a guide who truly loves what he does.

Randy Fitzgerald“Truly one of the best days on the lake I’ve had in a long time. Learned a lot and enjoyed the fact that Clay was hospitable toward sharing his expertise. Can’t forget to mention the fish we caught either. Thanks again Clay!”

Chris and James at Universal Watermain “Capt. Clay is one of the best on the lake. From corporate trips, to a day out with the kids. We have yet to have a bad day out of ten or more trips we have taken. The look on someone face is one you not soon forget. From all of us at Universal Watermain, thank you. For the truly professional service you have, We hope to see you again soon.”

Tim Daugherty “On Clay Cunningham. Within minutes of dropping our lines we were hooking stripers. Many of them exceeding 10-15lbs. At the end of the day we had boated nearly 20 fish and had three so big that they broke the lines and at least 6 that we missed setting the hooks on.. What an awesome trip… I will be back for more.”

Wayne Wall “Here are the photos of the big fish from today’s fishing . I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed out fishing Brady {7 to 1]. Thanks for all your efforts today, you really know;how to fish Strippers.”

Steve Dykus We have been fishing with Captain Clay so many times I’ve lost count. Every trip has always had one thing in common, FUN!!! No matter if we are taking the kids or out with clients, Clay is always professional and strives to make sure everyone is having a great time. And one thing for sure, We always have a great Time!!! Thank you Clay for the memories."

Dave Johnson “On a cold windy January morning with a fresh high pressure system in place, I did not have great expectations for our trip with Capt. Clay Cunningham. Those conditions are challenging, to say the least. Capt. Cunningham came through with flying colors, and all 4 fishermen on the boat landed their limit of large Lake Lanier Striped Bass. I am attaching photos of our trip. Clay, you are the best!!!!”