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Lake Lanier Fishing Report September 2018

The Lake Lanier Fishing ReportĀ  for September is to look for change in the pattern. The weather will begin to cool off and the pattern will change quickly. Fishing has been all over the place on Lanier the past few weeks. Been some good days and some tough days. Looking forward to some cooler weather. […]

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March Fishing Forecast

March is finally here and it is time for Spring. Two patterns will develop in March. Some of the stripers will be in the creeks and some of the stripers will be in open water. It is hard to say which will be holding more fish. The stripers in the creeks will be feeding on […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report January 12, 2018

What does this February hold for the stripers on Lake Lanier is a good question. It all comes down to the weather. After a very cold December and early January, the weather has now bounced around all over the place. So far the stripers and even a good number of bass have been exceptionally deep […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report Dec. 23, 2017

The Winter bite is in full swing here on Lanier. The stripers are following the bait into the creeks. The north end and the south end are both great. Birds and loons will continue to be a big help. If the birds are in an area, the bait is nearby almost every time. The good […]

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Lake Lanier Striper Report

After a great topwater month this November look for the winter patterns to now fall into place. The bait is now beginning to move into the creeks and the stripers are following them. Live bait will be hard to beat in December. The baitfish are now moving into the creeks in very large schools. Some […]

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October Fishing Report Lake Lanier 2017

October is finally here and time to get out the artificials for some topwater explosions here on Lake Lanier. As the surface temperatures continue to drop look for the fish to feed close to the surface. If you like to cast, October is your month. Many times the schools will be large enough to see […]

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February Fishing Report 2017

The fishing here on Lake Lanier has been outstanding the past month. The stripers have decided to stay shallow all Winter feeding on threadfin shad. The threadfin shad are very small so we have had to change to small baits on light line. Most days we have been using 10 pound Trilene 100 % Flourocarbon. […]

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January 2017

Hard to believe another year has passed. In the month of January, look for the striped bass fishing on Lanier to be very dependent on the weather. If the weather stays somewhat warm the fishing will be hot. If the ice or an extended cold front with a week of sub freezing weather shows up, […]

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August Stripers 2016

Lanier Stripers: the Striper fishing on Lanier has been red hot. They can be difficult to find at times but overall it is as good as it gets. Several patterns catching the stripers right now. Overall the down line bite has been the best tactic day in and day out and this will continue into […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report June 26, 2016

The striper fishing on Lanier has been as hot as the weather. The fish are headed south for the colder deeper water and are feeding heavily. Look for the bite to get even better in July. The best bait so far this Summer has been herring on the down line. This will be the same […]

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