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Lake Lanier Striper Report Dec. 8, 2014

Thought I would go ahead and make another report. Came off the water early today due to the wind. It was ugly out there today. The main lake was white capping and even in the creeks it was hard to find shelter. ¬†We saw a good deal of birds working bait in the creeks. Did […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report Dec. 6, 2014

Been some good times out on the lake the past few weeks. Been catching big numbers of smaller stripers each trip. It has been a great time to take kids the past few weeks and looks like the next few weeks will be the same. The smaller stripers have been deep and we have been […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report Nov. 18, 2014

Due to the nasty weather the last couple days, we have not been out on the water giving us time to catch up on fishing reports. With this ¬†strong cold front look for the winter patterns to be rock solid. The bulk of the fish will continue to be deep on downlines and at certain […]

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Lake Lanier Report August 18, 2014

The striper fishing on Lake Lanier the past month has been off the charts and September looks to be more of the same. The weather has been a little cooler than normal which has helped the fish as well as the angler. The lake level has been more consistent than in years past. People are […]

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July 1, 2014

Lake Lanier Stripers: The Striper fishing on Lake Lanier has been getting better with each passing week. The fish have already made the move to open water. July is always one of the best months of the year. The fishing on the weekends can be tough due to the boat traffic but during the week […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report August 28, 2013

Business slowing down a little with school starting back so hope to get back in the groove of making better posts. Water temp still in the low 80s and the fish are staying deep as expected. Still catching all our fish on downlines at all types of depths. The fish are not in their usual […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report July 5, 2013

The striper fishing on Lake Lanier has rolled into the Summer pattern. The only problem has been the excessive rain. We have lost some trips to the rain but hopefully the rain is about to roll on out. Over the next few weeks, look for the stripers to pull out to the deep water and […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report – April 7, 2013

Fishing has really awakened on Lake Lanier the past few days for stripers. The stripers are feeding in fairly large packs and eating almost solely on herring. The water temperature has heated up to about 58 degrees, the weather has turned incredible, the lake is full, and life is good. Overall for this time of […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report March 9, 2013

Finally some warm weather has arrived and the fish have arrived with it. The water temperature is creeping into the low 50s which means the big fish are on the prowl. The next few weeks are the best of the year to catch that trophy striper. The big females have to eat to prepare for […]

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Lake Lanier Striper Report January 30, 2013

Fishing continues to be good on Lake Lanier. The water temperature continues to be better than normal which has really helped. The fish are really beginning to move up into the back of the creeks. Over the next few weeks, the stripers will push even further up into the back of the creeks. As this […]

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