Crappie Fishing Lake Lanier

Not only does Catching Not Fishing Guide Service guide for stripers, they also guide for crappie during the early months of the year. The best part of the crappie bite occurs with the first warm spell of the year sometime in February until the middle of April depending on water temperature. The crappie can be caught during other months of the year as well. However on this lake, they are seldom fished for except during the time mentioned. For instance, May can be a great month for crappie but it is hard to fish for crappie when the stripers are blowing up on large topwater lures during the same time period. The guides will be busy chasing topwater fish during this time.

Common Questions regarding the crappie fishing on Lake Lanier?

1. When is the best time to take kids crappie fishing? The best time to take kids crappie fishing is when the fish are very shallow. This typically occurs in early April. The problem with February and March is the fish tend to be under deep water docks and the casting is very precise.

2. Are the crappie safe to eat? The crappie are some of the best tablefare in the lake and they are safe to eat. Crappie do not have an extended life span which keeps pollutants from having time to build up inside their tissue.

3. Can we fish for stripers and crappie? Yes. Sometimes we fish for stripers the first few hours of daylight then we turn over to the crappie once the sun gets high in the sky. To insure plenty of time, try to book at least a five hour trip.

4. Should we bring a cooler? Yes, please bring a cooler if you plan to keep the fish. We do not have any fish cleaning stations on the lake.

GON Article May 2009 with Capt. Clay

Lake Lanier Crappie

Kids Crappie Fishing on Lake Lanier

Capt. Mack on Lake Lanier

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