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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Hurricane Sandy & More Topwater Coming Soon

Sitting indoors today watching the wind blow. Not much to report this week. The weather has really crushed us this week. The few trips we had booked this week all cancelled and I can not blame them. However, we can’t complain when you look at the news and see how the northeast has been devastated. Lanier topwater stripers
Before the hurricane, the topwater bite on Lake Lanier was just taking off. We were starting to see some good fish come up on top and we caught some fish on Sebile Magic Swimmers and other topwater baits. This all came to a grinding halt when the wind showed up Sunday. A few final fish were caught on topwater and everyone stopped fishing for the last few days. We did make it out on the lake for a quick look over of the lake yesterday and it was not too bad considering the massive weather system. The water temperature has dropped five degrees down to 64 degrees but that is still good.
As soon as the wind lays down today, the fishing on Lake Lanier should improve daily. The topwater will change some this week but we should still see some fish rolling on the surface eating threadfin shad. We should also start seeing more fish caught on our planer boards using trout. We normally catch some really nice fish in November on live trout. Overall, it has been a rough week on Lanier but don’t expect it to stay that way. In the coming days, the fish are going to make up for lost time and they are going to be relaxed form the lack of boat pressure. ll this add ups to some good fishing in the near future. Hope to see you out there,

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