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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

January 2008 – Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Water Temperature: 53 degrees
Lake Level: Approx. 1051

Stripers: Very few boaters on the lake for the obvious reason. The lake continues to drop below record lows. Hopefully, the lake will begin to rise any day. Only two ramps are open and they are marginal. For the few who have ventured onto the lake, they have been rewarded with some good fishing. The baitfish have pulled up into the back of the creeks and the stripers are right with them. Most days, downlines 25 to 30 ft deep with small trout have been the best tactic. Use a shorter leader this time of year compared to the summer months. A four or five foot leader is sufficient this time of year. Use a 3/0 or 4/0 Mustad Octopus hook with the trout. If the seagulls are working the surface, switch to a free line with a larger eight to ten inch trout. On the larger trout switch the hook to a 5/0 Kahle hook and use a heavier leader. This is a good time to catch a big fish. The striper in the picture came on an eight-inch trout under some diving birds. Spoons continue to catch a few fish but not as many as expected for this time of year. Bucktails are accounting for a few fish early and late in the day up shallow. Lastly, don’t be surprised when a magnum spot bites the striper bucktail. More than one bass tournament has been won this time of year throwing striper designed bucktails.

Bass: From what I have been hearing, the bass fishing has been fair to good. Most of the tournaments have been canceled due to the lack of ramps. As a result, I have been getting fewer reports about the bass. The spoon bite has not been as good as expected but that could change any day. Same as the stripers, the better fishing is up in the creeks. The water is cold so fish slowly. Jigs are always a favorite this time of year. Start with brown and green colored jigs. Tip the jigs with plastic twin tail trailers in the same green and brown colors. One of the most popular brown colors on Lanier is Cinnamon Pepper. If the water is really cold go to the pork trailers. Some nice bass have been shallow. Jerkbaits worked really really slow will pick up some of these fish. As mentioned earlier, bucktails used striper fishing will also pick up some nice bass this time of year. Start in the back of the creeks with the bait and reel these bucktails slowly with an occasional hop.

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