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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

June 2008 – Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Water Temperature: 72 degrees and slowly rising

Lake Level: The lake level continues to be a great concern. The lake level is approximately 1057.7 and holding fairly steady. At this time, the boat ramps at Vanns Tavern, Charleston, War Hill, Balus Creek, East Bank, Tidwell, and a few others are open. I really expect the fishing this summer to be some of the best ever due to the lack of the normal boat traffic.


 Stripers: The stripers have almost finished spawning and the small schools of stripers are beginning to condense together into the large schools of several hundred at times. . With the schools condensing together, the striper fishing will get better and better. It will not be uncommon to hook several fish at one time. In June, the topwater bite will be on the way out and downlining will take over as the primary way to catch the stripers. Start on the north end and work your way south. The bulk of the fish are on the north end working their way south finishing up the spawning run up the rivers.  Some of the most common areas are Wahoo Creek, Ada Creek, and the mouth of the Chestatee River.  Look for the schools of stripers to be out on the points near deep water on a 20 to 30 foot bottom in the areas mentioned. The basic setup is a seven and a half foot medium-light action rod paired with a bait caster reel with fifteen-pound test. Tie a basic Carolina rig on the end using a one and a half ounce egg sinker for the weight. Be sure to use fluorocarbon as the leader due to the clear water on Lanier. P-line makes the most dependable fluorocarbon on the market. For the hook, tie on a 3/0 Mustad octopus hook. The octopus style hook is smaller in size than most conventional styles of hook allowing the bait to move more freely.


Bass: The topwater fishing for the spotted bass has been behind but is finally developing and we expect it to continue through most of the month. All sizes of spooks from the Houston Bleeding Shad Super Spook to the clear Spook Junior have been effective throughout the day. The Reaction Innovation Vixen has also been very effective. Be sure to walk-the-dog with the spooks and vixens across the points with access to deep water. As the water temperature increase the bass will move deeper and deeper out on the points and move to the brush. Once the bass move to the brush, the graph and GPS coordinates will become crucial to catching good numbers of fish. Once the bass move to the brush, live bait fishing with spot-tail minnows will become an excellent tactic especially if you have kids. Rig up a dropshot rig with a small light wire live bait hook. For details on the dropshot rig visit your local tackle shop. You will also need a 3/16 mesh cast net to catch the spottail minnows. Look for the spottails in shallow water near the boat ramps and shallow beaches.

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