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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

June 2009 – Lake Lanier Fishing Report


Water Temperature:  69 degrees

Lake Level: Approx. 1065.49 and rising



Stripers:  The lake looks great and the striper fishing has really turned on the last few weeks. The topwater bite has been strong and the average size of the fish has been excellent. Look for the topwater bite to disappear once the water temperature hits seventy-four degrees for the stripers. With the increase in water temperature, the stripers will head deep and set up on the points that have access to deep water. Look for the stripers to be twenty to thirty feet deep on these deep-water points. The north end will be the most consistent fishing. A downline will be the primary technique to catch these fish deep on the points. A downline is basically a Carolina rig with a live bait hook on the end instead of a worm hook. Blueback herring will be the primary baitfish on the downline. Use a one and a half ounce sinker for the weight and use a four foot twelve pound P-line fluorocarbon leader. Be sure to match the size of the bait hook to the bait not the size of the fish you want to catch. A 1/0 Mustad Octopus hook is usually sufficient for herring. If you pull into a point and you do not get bit in the first ten minutes head to the next point.


Bass:  June is a great month for the spotted bass on Lake Lanier. The topwater bite has been strong and will continue to be a good pattern until late in the month. As the water temperature rises, look for topwater baits that will “pull up” the fish from the deeper water. Baits with a loud rattle like the Heddon Super Spook and Reaction Innovation Vixen will be the better baits. Once these fish move to the deeper brush, the spottail minnow on a dropshot rig or small Carolina rig will be very effective. Catch the spottail minnows on a sandy beach with a 3/16 mesh cast net and you are ready to go catch some fish. Drop the minnows around the edges of the deeper brush and hold on to the rod.  This is a great pattern to take the kids. The action is fast and furious.

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