Catching Not Fishing
Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Labier Fishing Report February 15 2012

Been slow making reports, been too busy fishing with the great weather this winter. Right now, the big stripers have pulled up shallow preparing for the spawn making this the best time of the year to catch a big one. It is definitely quality over quantity right now. The biggest reason is because we are pulling big baits for the big fish. Numbers are more at night if the weather is stable.
We are also running a good many crappie trips right now. The crappie are ganged up under the deep water docks making them easier to catch in big numbers. As it warms up into April look for the crappie to pull shallow to spawn which is the best time to take kids fishing. You can teach them the fundamentals of casting and have a good time. We are already booking a few trips for Spring Break so please plan ahead. We plan to be running two trips a day so give us a call. Look forward to seeing you,.

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