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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report August 2010

The most consistent striper fishing of the year is upon us. If you have never been out on Lanier, now is the time to go.  The stripers are out over the deep water in the largest schools of the year. It is not uncommon to get multiple fish on at one time. Today we had a couple triples on a four hour trip. As always, weekdays are better than the weekends if you can make it out during the week. Some of the better stripers are down 70 to 100 ft deep. Do not be afraid to drop your baits down 70 feet deep. Still not as many fish being caught on leadcore as normal but a few are being caught on leadcore in the evenings. On the leadcore, we are fishing out 8 colors with a 2 ounce jig tipped with a chartreuse 6 inch trailer. The quality of the fish has also been very good. Most days the fish ahve averaged around 10 pounds with some bigger fish mixed into the mix. Summer Lake Lanier StriperAlso the FLW championship is out on the lake this week. Hopefully the handful of locals will do well. Good luck out on the lake.

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