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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report December 2008

Water Temperature: 55 degrees and falling
Lake Level: Approx. 1051 and Falling

Same as last month and the month before, no good news on the lake level. The lake continues to fall and close in on last years record low. If we do not break last years record low I will be amazed. A few boats remain open and a fair number of people continue to fish with great results. Charleston Park, Shoal Creek, and Clarks Bridge boat ramps continue to be open.

Stripers: The striper fishing has become more consistent since last months report. The baitfish have moved into the larger creeks on the south end and all of the creeks on the north end. The problem on the north end is the lack of open ramps in the area. You will have to travel a fair distance to get to the fish. The seagulls have arrived on the lake and are a great indication of where to fish. The gulls are always near the larger concentrations of baitfish. Early in the mornings, start with a freeline using a live trout about 100 feet behind the boat. A freeline is simply a hook on the end of the line with no additional weight. If there is no indication of surface activity, look for the stripers on the graph and drop a downline. The downline consists of Carolina type rig used in bass fishing. Be sure to use a 15lb. P-line fluorocarbon leader on the Carolina rig and a 1 1/2oz. swivel sinker for the weight. Trout have been the best bait on the downline and I expect it to continue to be the best bait throughout the winter. Be sure to use a larger hook like a 3/0 or 4/0 Mustad octopus hook on the downline. Do not use the smaller hooks used on herring. Small bucktails tipped with a Zoom white ice or smoking shad fluke are also accounting for a few fish. December is usually one of the better months for stripers.
December is also one of the better months to catch striped bass on the fly rod. The number of people fishing with the fly on Lake Lanier would most likely surprise you. Local guide Henry Cowen fishes exclusively for striped bass on the fly. The picture of the month was on the fly by Hal Coleman on a guided trip with Henry Cowen. If you are interested in catching a striper on the fly give Henry a call at 678-677-5382. I promise you will have a great time.

Bass: December is also a great month to go spotted bass fishing on Lake Lanier. Some of the best places to catch the spotted bass will be right with the striped bass. Everything will be right with the baitfish. Early in the mornings, try a 3/8oz. fish head spin tipped with a Zoom white ice fluke. Make a steady retrieve with an occasional hop. If you are seeing fish under the boat on the graph, drop a .6 oz. white foil flex-it spoon. Always have a spoon tied on in December. Day in and day out, the spoon will account for the most fish. If you have a hard time getting the bass to bite the spoon, drop a Texas-rigged plastic worm. The best color on the plastic worm is the old reliable green pumpkin. Most of your bites will be close to the bottom. Lastly, be safe with the falling lake levels. The Corps. Of Engineers do a great job marking obstructions but still take care.

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