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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report February 2011

The last couple of weeks the striper fishing has been tough on Lake Lanier. The fish are up feeding some early in the morning but they have been very difficult to catch even on small bait and small bucktails. Some of the pods of baitfish are absolutely massive. The good news is the weather is finally going to make a turn for the better early next week. Looks like we are going to get a good stretch of weather in the mid-fifties which will warm the shallow water and the fish will make a strong push to the back of the creeks. Once this happens fishing will improve greatly for the stripers. I am really excited about the forecast next week. Some big fish should start showing up soon. February and March are always the best two months of the year for a big fish. Don’t be surprised if you see us pulling some really big gizzard shad like the one in the following video we filmed a couple years ago at this same time of year: Striper Video Starting next week we should also be catching some fish on bucktails in the same areas as we are pulling the big baits. We also just got back from a trip to Tenn. We did not catch many but we did catch some nice fish like the one in the photo.

On another note the crappie fishing is also on the upswing. If you want a mess of fish to eat now is the time to go fishing. The crappie are up under the deep water docks and when you find them you will catch a bunch. If you plan on bringing kids for crappie fishing plan on bringing them the first two weeks of April. The crappie will be much shallower and easier for the kids to catch. If you have never been crappie fishing, this is the best way to introduce a kid to fishing. The action is faster paced and perfect for kids. Personally, I look forward each year to Spring Break because I spend the whole week taking kids fishing. However, please book as early as possible. The first two weeks of April are a couple of the busiest weeks of the year for us. See you on the water.

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