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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report January 2009

Water Temperature: 51 degrees and falling
Lake Level: Approx. 1052.55

Finally seeing the lake level come up a little. The lake has come up approximately a foot and a half with the recent rains. Still only a few boat ramps open. Charleston Park, Tidwell, Shoal Creek, and Clarks Bridge are now all open. Hopefully with the recent rains we will not surpass last years record low.

Stripers: The striper fishing has been more consistent with the cold weather. The baitfish have pulled up into the creeks and the stripers have pulled up into the creeks with them. The north end of the lake is producing the most fish. Areas like Ada Creek and Gainesville Creek are good starting points this time of year. Two tactics have been working best depending on the amount of cloud cover.
If it is cloudy, fish with smaller baits to match the hatch of the threadfins that they are eating. The threadfin that they are eating are about an inch and a half long. If you see the fish visibly rolling on the surface freeline a medium shiner or an extra small trout 100 ft behind the boat or 15 feet behind a planer board. Be sure to use light line on these smaller baits. You can also cast small ¼ oz. jigheads to these fish tipped with a Zoom Smokin Shad Fluke.
On the sunny days, the fish have been deeper and will readily take a larger rainbow trout. Drop the larger trout on a downline 30 feet under the boat using a Carolina type rig used in bass fishing with a 1½ oz. swivel sinker and a five-foot leader. Be sure to use12 to 15 lb. P-line fluorocarbon on the leader. Look for a large pod of baitfish on your electronics that is around ten feet thick before dropping the downlines. Good electronics are crucial this time of year. Seagulls in the area are also a good sign.

Bass: If you are out early, throw a white 3/8oz. Fish Head Spin tipped with a Zoom White Ice Fluke Jr. up in the coves. Some of these bass will be very shallow up on the banks. It is a good way to catch a “toad” spotted bass on Lake Lanier. Keep your eyes on the electronics for any bass cruising along the bottom while you are fishing the Fish Head Spin. If you see these fish on the bottom, drop the spoon. The spoon bite is improving daily with the early cold weather. The threadfin shad in the lake cannot endure the cold weather very well and are beginning to die off. Try a Cotton Cordell C.C. spoon or the .6 white foil Flex-it spoon. Most of your bites will be on the fall while using a yo-yo type retrieve. Lastly, be safe with the falling lake levels. The Corps. Of Engineers do a great job marking obstructions but still take care. Hopefully in the next few months, the lake level with make some improvement. The lake level usually starts to climb in early January.

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