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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report – January 2010

The recent severe cold snap has really dropped the water temperature on the lake. The water temperature has went from 50 degrees down to 43 degrees. As a result, the fish have went deeper looking for a more stable water temperature. Look for the umbrella rig to continue to be the best pattern. However, you may need to fish humps and points similar to the pattern in late September when the lake is turning over. The fish may pull up on the humps and points. Once the cold passes, look for the fishing to rebound quick as soon as the water temperature increases just a couple of degrees. Once this happens, look closely for warmer water.  Also, the peak of the year for big fish is rapidly approaching. We will soon be pulling 1 to 2 pound gizzard shad looking for the trophy. We have already seen some big fish this winter.
On another note, look for the crappie fishing to begin to come into action with the first warm spell of the year. This normally takes places sometime during the first couple weeks of February.

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