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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report January 2011

Umbrella TimeThe new year is really starting out great. The stripers are out on the points and humps. for the most part, the stripers are 20 to 30 feet deep on the points. The best pattern to catch the fish has been the umbrella rig. The good thing is you usually know when you are going to get a bite and it is not uncommon to catch two fish or more at the same time just like in the photo. The north end and the south end have been about equal. As I am writing this report, we have just received 2 inches or more of warm rain which will really warm up the back of the creeks. The resulting stain will also warm the water with the first sunny day. Depending on the weather, we hope to see the bait and fish pull on up into the back of the creeks. Don’t be surprised if the big fish time of the year shows up early. February and March typically the best two months of the year to catch a trophy striper on Lake Lanier. December was colder than normal and if January is warmer than normal look for the big fish bite to be early. We will be pulling some big gizzards very soon. Ready to catch the big one.

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