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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report – July 2009

Water Temperature:  83 degrees

Lake Level: Approx. 1066.03



Stripers: The striper fishing has been great the last few weeks. Furthermore, the next two months should be the best fishing of the year for numbers of fish. The fish are in large schools from Browns Bridge south. Currently, the fish are still in the creeks and working their way further out each passing week. Look for the fish to be 30 to 60 feet deep over 60 feet of water. With each passing week look for the fish to be over a deeper bottom. Time of day makes no difference this time of year. We are catching fish just as good midday as we are early in the morning. Around the full moons, look for the fishing to be better midday. We are using downlines  with herring to catch these fish. This pattern works real well for kids being the kids do not have to cast.


Bass:   The spotted bass have moved to the deeper brush and a drop shot rig with spottail minnows is now the dominate pattern. Catch the spottail minnows on a sandy beach with a 3/16 mesh cast net and you are ready to go catch some fish. Drop the minnows around the edges of the deeper brush and hold on to the rod.  This is a great pattern to take the kids. The action is fast and furious.


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