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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report – July 2010

If you have never been on the lake striper fishing, now is the time to go. The most consistent fishing of the year is upon us. The schools of stripers are getting larger and larger as expected. It is not uncommon to get numerous stripers on at the same time. We are using downlines with a carolina rig type setup. Good electronics are crucial right now. You should be able to see your bait drop on the graph. At times, you will be able to see the stripers come up off the bottom and strike the bait. Right now, this bait is a live herring. We are also catching a few stripes dropping a large bucktail jig below the fish on the graph and reeling it up through the fish. This technique is getting more popular every year. The leadcore bite is also picking up now that the fish are pulling out over the open water. Start with the jig out eight colors.  We are using a 2oz. chipmunk jig tipped with a live herring. One last note, be sure to try to come during the week if possible. The fishing on Lake Lanier is always better during the week due to the lack of boat traffic.

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