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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report July 29, 2015

The past few weeks the Striper fishing has been on fire. Overall, this Summer is looking to be the best in years for numbers of fish. The water temperature is in the low eighties and the stripers have moved to their Summer haunts. Look for the Striper fishing to only get better in the month of August if that is even possible. As soon as school starts back the boat traffic drops dramatically as well making it much more enjoyable to be on the water.
The Summer heat will have the striped bass concentrated on the lower third of the lake. Live bait on a Carolina type rig with a 2/0 Gamakatsu hook will be the best method to catch these fish. Good electronics like the Humminbird Onix series will greatly increase your success. With today’s electronics you should be able to see your bait swimming around under the boat and the striper come up and eat the bait. One other tactic is to troll leadcore line. This line has a lead center which gets your bait deeper than traditional line. This require a certain reel like the Penn 330 so be sure to get help in your tackle store picking out the correct equipment. The Penn 330 on a Skakespeare Tiger Rod is hard to beat.
All in all, get out on the water before you miss some of the best fishing of the year. See you on the water

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