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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report July 5, 2013

The striper fishing on Lake Lanier has rolled into the Summer pattern. The only problem has been the excessive rain. We have lost some trips to the rain but hopefully the rain is about to roll on out. Over the next few weeks, look for the stripers to pull out to the deep water and the largest schools of the year to show up. Do not let the heat slow you down. The hotter the weather the better the catching. All of our fish have been on live bait. With the fish not pulling out to the deep water, we have not done any trolling.
The lake looks great being at full pool this late in the Summer. Compared to last year, the lake is several feet higher. This will really help us going into fall keeping all the boat ramps in good shape. Hope to see you soon,

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