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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report June 2011

Hard to believe two months have gone by since my last report. Been really busy chasing the fish on the lake with the good weather. Over the past few weeks we have been throwing topwater for the stripers and spotted bass. However with the unexpected hot May the topwater bite and quickly turned to the downline bite. The good news about the downline bite is that we normally catch better numbers of fish. Also we have less fronts which leads to more consistent fishing. Now is the time to get the kids out on the water. June, July, and August are our busiest months with good reason.

Right now the striped bass are pulling off the points out over the timber. The north end is still the most consistent location but places like Two Mile Creek, Four Mile Creek, and Six MIle are not bad choices either. Right now, the fish are 25 to 40 feet deep. We are dropping our downlines 25 to 30 feet deep over the top of the first timber off the points. Still some fish on the deep brush but I feel these are mostly small fish. They can be easily caught on umbrella rigs. Be sure to take as much bait as you possibly can hold safely in your tank. You will need them. Fresh bait is crucial this time of year. Depending on how long I am fishing, I am normally taking 5 to 8 dozen of baits. The bait of choice is blue back herring. we are using a 2/0 mustad octopus hook and twelve to 15 pound test on the line. Flourocarbon is very important.  See you out on the lake.

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