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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report June 26, 2016

The striper fishing on Lanier has been as hot as the weather. The fish are headed south for the colder deeper water and are feeding heavily. Look for the bite to get even better in July.
The best bait so far this Summer has been herring on the down line. This will be the same for July. Take as much bait as you possibly can and drop them on the large schools cruising the creek channels. On the down line tie up a Carolina rig on a seven foot Shakespeare Striper Rod and a Penn Squall reel. Spool the Penn Squall with fifteen pound Trilene Big Game line. On the Carolina rig tie a Capt. Mack swivel sinker and a Gamakatsu size 1 Finesse Wide Gap hook. On the leader, use 15 pound Trilene 100% Fluorocarbon.
If you want to use artificials, tie on a white 1oz. Spro Prime bucktail tipped with a 6 inch chartreuse Capt. Mack trailer. Drop the bucktail below the schools of stripers and reel it up through the school. The bite will almost rip the rod out of your hands. The next eight weeks are hard to beat for Striper fishing. Do not miss it. lake lanier

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