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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report Nov. 12 2011

Fishing has been pretty good on Lanier the last couple of weeks now that turnover is out of the way. On days when the wind is calm we are seeing a good bit of surface activity and we have been able to catch the stripers casting small baits. Once the wind picks up we have been fishing very deep downlines. as a matter of fact, yesterday we caught stripers on the surface at daylight and shortly after the sun came out and we began to catch the stripers 70 feet deep on the downlines. The good news has been the fish have stayed in the same areas day after day. Very few people will be on the lake this coming week. Everyone will be going the following week. Makes this a great week to be on the lake. Many people are asking us about the low lake levels. The low lake levels make no difference to us. The lake is safe and we will be out every day. Hope to see you out there, Lake Lanier

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