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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report November 2008

November Fishing Report
Water Temperature: 70 degrees and falling
Lake Level: Approx. 1053 and Falling

Well, no encouraging news on the lake level. The lake continues to fall and close in on the record low of last year with almost no media coverage. The list of boat ramps closing continues to grow. Be sure to check with your local tackle shop as to which boat ramps are still open. At this time, the only boat ramps open are Tidwell, Clarks Bridge, Charleston, and Shoal Creek. The Charleston boat ramp will be the last one to close.

Stripers: The best way to describe the striper fishing is to call it a yo-yo. Some days the fishing has been great and some days the fishing has been very hard. When the stripers are feeding, they are highly visible. The fish are schooling in groups of ten to twenty fish for the most part all over the south end of the lake. The best bait has not been the traditional redfins and super spooks. The best bait has been a newer swimbait called the Sebile Magic Swimmer in chrome or white lady. Retrieve the lure with a slow steady retrieve so that the bait swims about a foot under the surface. Over the last few weeks, we have caught more fish on the Sebile than live bait. The birds will begin to show up with each passing week to make the search easier for the schooling fish. If you do not want to chase the schooling fish, pull free lines with herring across main lake points on the south end of the lake. The pattern is slowly developing and will get stronger around Thanksgiving. Be sure to put the free lines out at least 100 feet behind the boat. A free line is simply a hook and live bait dropped out behind the boat and allowed to run free using the trolling motor to slowly move across the point. The status of the night bite using large Bomber plugs up shallow has been hit or miss. Be very careful if you venture out on the lake at night with the low lake levels.

Bass: The bass have been schooling on the surface throughout the day. Same as the stripers, the number one bait has been the Sebile Magic Swimmer in chrome or white lady. If you want to try a different bait, try the five-inch chrome and blue redfin and reel it just under the surface. On the windier days, try an old time favorite the chrome and blue half-ounce rat-l-trap. With the rat-l-trap just cast to the windy points and reel. If the water is calmer, go to the plastics. The dropshot rig will continue to work as it did in September. Look for the fish on the graph and drop it right to them. A good worm to try is the Spotsticker RC Watermelon Pearl worm. If you do not like the dropshot, be sure to keep a spoon tied on the line. Try a Cotton Cordell C.C. spoon or the .6 white foil Flex-it spoon. Most of your bites will be on the fall. Start on about a 20-foot bottom and work deeper. This pattern will get stronger as the water temperature drops. Overall, be versatile this time of year and try different things until you hit a good pattern. With the changes in weather, the pattern can change quickly. Lastly, be safe with the falling lake levels. The Corps. Of Engineers do a great job marking obstructions but still take care.

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