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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report – November 2009

The stripers continue to school on top most days on the south end of the lake. They have changed to feeding on threadfin shad so they are a little harder to convince to bite. If the water is choppy the redfin has continued to be the best bait. If the water is calm, go with the smaller baits like the Ice Fly. The umbrella rig is not a bad option if you just want to get fish in the boat. We are pulling the heavy 3 ounce umbrella 100 feet behind the boat. If the fish are too deep for the umbrella rig, go back o the old faithful downline. Be sure to take some trout along as well. Throughout the winter, trout are many times better than herring.
Still some fish being caught on the far north end as well with gizzard shad on free lines and planer boards. Personally, I have not been on the north end. The south end has been too good to leave the area. Still some fish being caught on the bomber as well if you want to go out at night. Just be careful of the signs that are about under water with the high lake levels. Overall, the lake looks incredible. Who would ever have thought we would see full pool this winter.

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