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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report – October 2009

Stripers: So far this October the striper fishing has been up and down with the weather. As you most likely already know, the lake level has went through the roof. Last year at this time, most of the ramps were closed and now all of the ramps are open. At the beginning of the month the stripers were still on the down line and with all the cloud cover and rain the fish are finally beginning to school on topwater. Be sure to keep a Cotton Cordell 7 inch redfin (chrome and blue) tied on at all times. Other topwater baits like Houston Bleeding Shad Super Spooks will also be great choices. Most of the topwater fishing will be casting to visible schools that are feeding on the surface. Furthermore, most of this activity will be on the south end of the lake.  Just cruise the channel and look for the fish.
Bass: The bass fishing is improving daily. This time of year is sometimes considered junk fishing due to the many patterns that may work on a giving day. Tie on all different types of moving baits on and see what happens. If it is windy, go with spinnerbaits out on the main lake points. Rat-L-traps are also not a bad choice especially the tried and true chrome and blue. This is one of the bezt times of the year to catch a big spotted bass.

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