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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report September 2010

The weather is absolutely incredible on the lake and the fishing continues to be good. The stripers are still on the downline in big schools on the south end of the lake. Most of our fish are coming 50 ft deep over a 100 feet of water. We are using light line and long leaders for these fish. We are catching some fish trolling leadcore tipped with large bucktails as well. On the bucktails we are tipping the jig with a live herring. As long as the weather holds, the fishing will be very consistent making it a great tiem to take someone for the first time. In about thre weeks as the first cold fronts of the year show up, the striped bass will start schooling on topwater. We will be casting to large schools of schooling fish. we will be using large redfins and super spooks. It is very exciting. You may have a school of 100 fish blow up beside the boat. You don’t know which way to cast. Hope to see you soon.

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