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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Fishing Report – July 2010

If you have never been on the lake striper fishing, now is the time to go. The most consistent fishing of the year is upon us. The schools of stripers are getting larger and larger as expected. It is not uncommon to get numerous stripers on at the same time. We are using downlines with […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report – June 2010

The downline bite is in full swing here on Lake Lanier. With the hot weather the fish have went deep as expected. We are fishing 28 to 40 ft deep for the most part on the north end of the lake. With each passing week, the stripers are moving further and further down the lake […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report – May 2010

May is almost here and the topwater bite is already in full swing. We are catching fish on redfins, spooks, pencil poppers and all other types of topwater baits. Still catching some good fish on shad as well but it has been hard to get way from the topwater bite. Fishing has been best early […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report – March 2010

The cold is finally breaking its hold on Lake Lanier. Fishing is improving quickly. Fishing is equal day and night. I would say your chances of big numbers is bigger at night throwing the bomber and the best chance of a big fish being best during the day especially early and the morning. It will […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report – January 2010

The recent severe cold snap has really dropped the water temperature on the lake. The water temperature has went from 50 degrees down to 43 degrees. As a result, the fish have went deeper looking for a more stable water temperature. Look for the umbrella rig to continue to be the best pattern. However, you […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report – November 2009

The stripers continue to school on top most days on the south end of the lake. They have changed to feeding on threadfin shad so they are a little harder to convince to bite. If the water is choppy the redfin has continued to be the best bait. If the water is calm, go with […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report – October 2009

Stripers: So far this October the striper fishing has been up and down with the weather. As you most likely already know, the lake level has went through the roof. Last year at this time, most of the ramps were closed and now all of the ramps are open. At the beginning of the month […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report – September 2009

Fishing has continued to be strong on Lanier. The lake has not started to turnover at this time. As soon as the water temperature makes it into the lows seventies look for the patterns tos tart changing. Right now, the fish continue to hammer the downline. Still some big fish showing up as expected. About […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report – August 2009

So far this August, the fishing has been as good as it gets. More big fish than normal are showing up all over the south end of the lake. Be sure to check out some of the recent pictures on the Up on Lanier Fishing Forum. Half of our big fish are coming on downlines […]

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Lake Lanier Fishing Report – July 2009

Water Temperature:  83 degrees Lake Level: Approx. 1066.03     Stripers: The striper fishing has been great the last few weeks. Furthermore, the next two months should be the best fishing of the year for numbers of fish. The fish are in large schools from Browns Bridge south. Currently, the fish are still in the […]

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