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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Lake Lanier Report August 18, 2014

The striper fishing on Lake Lanier the past month has been off the charts and September looks to be more of the same. The weather has been a little cooler than normal which has helped the fish as well as the angler. The lake level has been more consistent than in years past. People are out enjoying the lake. It has just been incredible out on the lake from all angles.
The stripers are in the deep water on the south end of the lake chasing large schools of herring out over deep water. Downlines have been the best tactic. The downline is more or less a carolina rig with a 2/0 Gamakatsu Nautilus Light Circle hook and. Spool up a 6500 C3 Abu Garcia reel with 15 pound Trilene Big Game on a 7 foot Shakespeare Striper rod and you are ready for action. Good electronics are crucial this time of year. On the Lowrance HDS units, you can see your bait swimming around the hook and the fish come up to eat it.
If you want to troll, the best tactic is leadcore. Leadcore is a fabric coated line that has lead in the center of it. The lead makes it possible to sink the line to the desired depth. The line is also color coded so you can be very precise with the depth. It is a very effective way to fish. The leadcore line is larger than monofilament so certain reels are required. A Penn 330 reel is one of the few reels with the required line capacity. Match the Penn 330 with a 7 foot Shakespeare Medium Light Tiger Rod and you have the correct combination. This setup has a few specific requirements so be sure to get all the tips you can from your local bait shop. I would suggest having them spool up the set up the first time to get the correct amount of backing and correct swivels. On the end of the setup, tie on a 2 ounce Capt. Mack bucktail and tip it with a 6 inch chartreuse trailer. This pattern should hold up until late September. This is the peak of the year here on Lake Lanier, get out and go catching, 1473066_10152626496231683_1729330941348634590_n

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