Rates Questions Catching Not Fishing

Catching Not Fishing Rates

Catching Not Fishing’s rates are very competitive.

  • Rates
    • 4 hrs $350 2 people, 5hrs $400 2 people
    • Each additional person please add $50  up to 5 people. Then additional boat.
    • Each additional hour please add $80
    • Kids under 12 no charge with adult
    • 4 hr minimum
    • 3 hr minimum afternoon
    • 5 hr trips most popular
  • Feel Free to Book Now!
  • 20% deposit required (7 day notice required for refund of deposit) Please check out the refund policy for details
  • Groups any size easily accommodated (100+)
  • Corporate trips welcome
  • All bait, tackle, and ice furnished at no additional cost
  • If weather causes danger, trip will be rescheduled or deposit refunded if the trip can not be rescheduled.

Things To Bring:

  • Fishing License (www.gofishgeorgia.com)
  • Food & Drink (ice is provided)
  • Camera
  • Cooler for fish
  • Sunscreen
  • Rain Gear

Common Questions.

When is the best time to catch a Trophy Lake Lanier Striper?

How long a trip is suggested? The majority of fishing trips with Catching Not Fishing Guide Service are five hour trips. Most days five hours is sufficient to catch a good number of stripers. Very few trips are four hours in the morning hours. During the Summer downline bite and the Fall topwater bite, we do a good number of afternoon four hour trips. We run a five hour morning trip, eat a quick lunch, and then run a short four hour afternoon trip for those who want to get in a half day of work. Customers traveling in from out of town make up most of the eight hour trips. Being they are unable to make the trip as often to the lake.

Do you gaurantee fish? This is a big one. We do not gaurantee fish. We do guarantee we will work hard from start to finish to catch fish. It is very rare we get skunked on stripers but it does happen. The fish do throw a curveball every now and then and sometimes luck just does not shine. If you look at our Facebook page you will see that we update it with fresh pictures at least 5 days a week and sometimes seven days a week.

Do you fish weeekends? Yes we do fish weekends but it should be known the fishing is more difficult on the weekends. There are 10 times as many fishermen on the lake, the CORE pulls less watter affecting the bite, and the cruisers rocking the boat. We do prefer to go during the week but we do realize this is the only time many people can make it out on the lake and we are glad to go on the weekend. My saying is “you can never catch one sitting on the couch.”

What happens if it calls for rain on the day of our trip? Believe it or not, we lose very few fishing trips to rain. The biggest mistake is canceling a trip one or two days before the trip because of the weather forecast. So many times, the forecast calls for rain and the front stalls out and the rain does not show up until one or two days later. When this happens, it can be some of the best fishing of the year. The Low Pressure associated with the rain is a dinner bell to a striper. Also it is very rare for it to rain all day. Most days you can work around the rain. Every year some of the best days are days that people cancel because the forecast says for a little rain. Most days you can start early or late and miss the rain. Most of these days we have the lake almost totally to ourself. The fish will be more relaxed and bite better and longer. The best solution is to wait until the morning of the trip and see what the radar calls for the day. If it is pouring down rain, we will cancel the trip if you desire.If the trip can not be rescheduled, the deposit will be gladly returned. We never fish in lightning period.

Where is the best location to meet? The best location to meet is the boat launch. We can meet on the east side or west side of Lake Lanier. Please click the following link for directions to Hammonds Fishing and boat ramps.

Do we need a fishing license? Everyone 16 years of age or older needs a fishing license. The three day license even for an out of state license is only $16.50 plus a service fee. The inland rules are different than on the coast. Fishing licenses can be purchased at www.gofishgeorgia.com .

Can you pick us up at our dock? Most of the time it is no problem to pick up everyone from their own dock. The only time it is not advisable is when the fish are on the south end of the lake and the dock is on the north end of the lake.

Is there a bathroom nearby? Almost all of the parks around the lake have a bathroom. The boat is usually within short distance at all times. Bathroom breaks can be taken at any time. Some bathrooms do close during the winter months and breaks have to be better planned. If necessary a marina is usually nearby.

Is morning or evening better fishing? The best answer is “it depends.” The bulk of trips ran by Catching Not Fishing Guide Service are morning trips but evening trips can be better at times. The only reason I would say the morning fishing is better is because we have a tendency to be on the lake more in the morning so we have a better feel for where the fish are going to be. Evening trips do have their advantages. During the winter, stripers tend to feed more once the sun rises and the water temperature begins to climb. Another advantage to the evening is there is less fishermen on the lake especially during the hot summer months. Many will say the afternoon is best during the Summer months due to generation. This can be true concerning generation but there is one big problem. Due to the heat in the Summer months the thunderstorms develop in the afternoon and many times you have to hide form the storms or risk getting struck by lightning. I have not met anyone yet that is not allergic to lightning.

How many people can fit in each boat? Four people can comfortably fit in any of the boats. Five is safe but a little crowded.  Six people is very crowded but possible especially in Capt. Clay’s 24′ Tidewater. Several people over 300 pounds is not a problem. The only time you may consider running less people per boat is during the Spring topwater bite that occurs in May and the Fall topwater bite that occurs in late October and early November.

When is the best time to bring kids? Any time is  a good time to bring kids. The only time that is hard on kids is the dead of Winter. Lifejackets for kids under 12 years old are provided. Just be sure to let us know if any of the kids will be 12 or younger.

What is the one item people most often forget to bring? Sunglasses

Do you catch your own bait? When necessary we do catch our own bait. Surprisingly, most guide services on Lake Lanier never catch their own bait. Most of the bait fished with on Lake Lanier comes from lakes as far away as Lake Russell and Clarks Hill.  At certain times like early Spring, we catch gizzard shad as bait.