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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

September Forecast 2012

Lanier Stripers:
It has been an interesting bite lately on Lake Lanier for the stripers. It has been very slow in the mornings and wide open in the evenings. Any day it will change back to normal and be equal throughout the day but for the short term continue to fish in the evening hours before dark. The only problem with the evening hours has been the often storms that develop throughout the day. Just be careful of the lightning.
The stripers continue to be in large schools on the south end of the lake. Most of the fish are being caught downlining herring at least 40 feet deep over 80 to 100 feet of water and this will continue to be the pattern up until late September. The key has been healthy bait and plenty of it. Be sure to use long Berkley 100% Flourocarbon leaders for the most bites. The size of the fish continue to be larger than normal so do not go too light on the leaders. Most people are using 15 pound leaders.
If you decide to use artificials, go with the large bucktails and power reel. The leadcore bite trolling has been slower than normal. To power reel you need to spool up a baitcaster like the Abu Garcia 5500 with 15 pound Trilene Big Game and tie on a 2 ounce white chipmunk bucktail jig. Any large bucktail will work but the chipmunk is the local favorite. Once you find the fish on the fish finder drop the bucktail below the school and slowly reel the jig up through the fish and hang on to the rod. They will jerk it out of your hands. also do not be surprised to get bit on the way down. We get lots of bites on the way down as well. Also be sure to tip the bucktail jig with a live herring or a Berkley Gulp 5 inch jerk shad in white pearl. These Gulp baits have been really catching on this year. They are already widely popular on the coast as many of you know.
The best part about September is the boat traffic dies down and the lake is much more peaceful. The weather is great and the fishing is normally great as well. One thing to remember, be sure to have the camera ready. The water is still hot so get the fish back in the water as fast as possible. This time of year, every second makes a big difference. The early part of September can be very stressful to the stripers. Hope to see you out there,

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