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Aug.  16, 2005










Below is the complete list of stripers stocked in Lake Lanier.

The striped bass are stocked as one inch fingerlings.

Lake Lanier is known as one of the premier striped bass fisheries in the United States for good reason. The average size striper in Lake Lanier is around six to eight pounds. The record striped bass on Lake Lanier is forty-six pounds. As you can see through pictures on this website stripers in the twenty to thirty pound range are a common occurrence on Lake Lanier. The one inch striped bass fingerlings are stocked each spring by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources at various locations around the lake.

Lake Lanier also supports one of the best spotted bass fisheries in the United States. Spotted bass over five pounds are not uncommon and the lake record is over eight pounds.

Why do the stripers not reproduce naturally in Lake Lanier? This is most likely the most common question asked to a guide on Lake Lanier. The stripers do try to reproduce by running up both river systems (Chestatee & Chattahoochee) but the eggs die. The reason the eggs die is because  neither river system keeps the fertilized eggs afloat during the critical first 30 to 80 hours depending on water temperature. The eggs are semi-buoyant so the current has to be sufficient to carry the eggs along the whole time without settling to the bottom. Neither the Chestatee nor the Chattahoochee River have sufficient current for the required time to keep the eggs afloat. Once they settle to the bottom the eggs suffocate and die.