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Lake Lanier Fishing Report

Updated September Forecast Lake Lanier

The striper fishing on Lake Lanier has been very strong on the downline. The schools of stripers have continued to be large and concentrated on the south end. The big question for September is how the weather will affect the stripers. September is always a month of transition for the stripers on Lake Lanier. Right now, the biggest question is how hurricane Isaac will affect the lake. Several patterns may develop on Lake Lanier depending on Isaac and the weather after Isaac. Hard to say if the downline bite will continue after the storm. Hopefully the downline bite will remain strong until late September. However, it is expected that the pattern will change some and be more of a early and late bite with downlines in deep coves on the south end of the lake. If the water temperature drops some, look for the fish to possibly pull up more on points and humps on the south end of the lake. This could lead to a strong umbrella rig bite on the south end of the lake. There is also the remote chance that if the water temperature drops enough we get an early topwater bite which can lead to some incredible fishing with topwater baits like the Sebile Slim Stick in Sea Chrome. We have already been seeing some small stripers break randomly on the surface which has many excited that this may happen this year. Overall, it is really hard to say what this September is going to bring on Lake Lanier. With Hurricane Isaac headed this way as this is written, it is very hard to say what will happen in the coming weeks. One thing is for sure, the weather is usually great in September. Get out on the lake and see what happens. Striped Bass

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